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$ave - Why buy multiple CD's or 12" with songs and/or versions you will never use? X-Mix Issues feature the biggest and hottest new songs without the filler at a fraction of the price. Always digitally remastered at our state of the art studios, you will never sacrifice sound quality at the expanse of saving money.

Get the new songs faster - With over 10 years experience programming the hits, X-Mix Producers are in constant contact with Record Labels and Radio Stations, getting you the hottest songs first, and keeping you a step ahead of the competition.

Exclusive and Unique Remixes not available anywhere else ! - X-Mix Remix was started by DJ's, for Dj's. Our stable of Remixers (some of the music industries best and brightest) know what you are looking for. Extended DJ friendly Intro's, Outro's, and Breaks make beat mixing a snap. New beats and samples breathe life and give excitement to what were previously ordinary songs. Learn what the Record Labels already know... X-Mix will fill your dancefloor ! Browse Tracks . Back To Top

x m i x .. d a n c e / h o u s e .. m u s i c
X-Mix Dance Series:

The X-Mix Dance Series is released every 6-8 Weeks on CD. You can order an individual issue, or for the best value subscribe and save while having the Dance Series conveniently sent to your home or business the day it is released. Browse Tracks . Back To Top

The Abducted Series incorporates remixes of the industries best cutting edge underground. Deep House, Hi NRG and Import tracks are featured on this series that is getting 'rave' reviews. The Abducted Series is available on CD and a new issue is available every 6-8 weeks. Browse Tracks . Back To Top

The Hybrid Series is the Newest Series from X-Mix. Every 3-4 weeks X-Mix will release a single, high quality, 12" vinyl record that will contain 4 Progressive House remixes. HYBRID will feature songs from our Abducted Series as well as the more progressive songs from our Dance Series. Browse Tracks . Back To Top

Dance & Abducted Vinyl *Discontinued : The X-Mix Dance & Abducted Series on Vinyl are no longer being produced and have been replaced by the Hybrid Series. We will continue to carry Vinyl on the first 55 Dance Series releases as well as the first 6 Abducted Issues. You will find these listed in the Dance Vinyl * Discontinued, & Abducted Vinyl * Discontinued Sections, at greatly reduced prices. You can still find new issues of The Dance & The Abducted Series on CD. Browse Tracks . Back To Top

The original series that started X-Mix seven years ago is still going strong supplying DJ's with the most powerful remixes of today's hottest uptempo Dance Tracks. All of our Dance remixes include DJ friendly extended Intro's, Break's and Outro's, Eye-Cue Break Lines, Indexing Points, BPM's and Times. We give you the tools you need to do the job.

We obtain acapellas straight from the major record labels which allows the production of ground up reconstructions that cannot be found anywhere else. Every Dance Series Issue includes at least one X-Clusive Megamix which will contain at least three or four songs seamlessly mixed together. Find out why the International Dance Music Awards has awarded us Best Remix Service of the Year...Twice.

x m i x .. u r b a n .. s e r i e s
If you spin Hip Hop, R + B, or Reggae the X-Mix Urban Series

Available on both CD and Vinyl formats. New issues are released every 4-6 weeks. Purchase them separately or order our convenient subscription and save. Browse CD Tracks . Browse Vinyl Tracks . Back To Top

Street Hitz Our newest and most blazin’ hip-hop issue geared to the straight-forward DJ. No clutter here. With this issue you get an intro, the song, and the outro. It’s that simple! This allows for faster and more current releases. Available on CD and vinyl with 6 and 12 issue subscriptions available to $ave you money and time. Check out the newest issue every 4-5 weeks! Browse Tracks . Back To Top

And if you can't get enough of the X-Mix Urban Series, check out In The Mix ... Today's Hottest Hip Hop and R&B Songs, By Today's Biggest Artists. Each 12' Vinyl side contains a 3 Songs continuous mix of today's Phattest Urban Joints bridged together for easy beat mixing. As an added free bonus at the end of each side there are Samples, Scratches and Sound FX. In the Mix is available on Vinyl Only. New issues are released every 4-6 weeks. Purchase them separately or order our convenient subscription and save. Browse Tracks . Back To Top

is what you need. It's been proven by professional DJ's worldwide as the main source for slammin' remixes of the hottest tracks. With over 50 issues and counting, the Urban Series is what DJ's spin. The X-Mix Urban Series has all the benefits you've come to expect from X-Mix. Intros, Outros and Phat Breaks allow you to create smooth mixes with ease. Bring your skills to the next level with the X-Mix Urban Series.

x m i x .. r a d i o a c t i v e .. s e r i e s

The X-Mix Radioactive Series is an indispensible and cost effective way to stay on top of the Radio Industry's most current hits. Choose from three series on CD format to best fit your needs.

The Rhythm & Top 40 brings you straight radio edits and album versions of breaking Rhythmic, Urban and Crossover songs as they hit radio. 14-17 new tracks are available at the beginning of every month. Browse Tracks . Back To Top

Urban Radio: Are you sick and tired of the DJ down the street getting the newest music before you? Well now that can STOP! Just pick up our newest Urban Radio Series. This issue is programmed by Funk Master Flex’s “Big Dog Pit Bull, Roy Barboza-WJMN.” You can be assured that you are getting the Prime Rib of what hip-hop has to offer each and every month. Browse Tracks . Back To Top

The Mainstream & Rock Series is also available at the beginning of each month and provides you with 14-17 straight radio edits and album versions of current Mainstream & Rock, Top 40 and Alternative Songs.

Rhythm Crossover, Mainstream & Rock, and Urban Radio Series are available individually or can be purchased in a convenient money saving subscription. Order both subscriptions and save even more. Browse Tracks . Back To Top

The Chartbusters is the third Radioactive series. Released two times a year, it is a 'Best Of' both the Rhythm Crossover and Mainstream & Rock Series. It features LP versions, Radio Edits as well as special X-Mix Re-edits not available on any other service. Browse Tracks . Back To Top

Learn what other Mobile, Club and Karoake DJ's already know:

x m i x .. s p e c i a l t y .. s e r i e s

Complete your music library with a variety of X-Mix Limited Edition Specialty Issues.

You demanded more megamixes, so we created our hottest new series Essential Megamixes. These mixes feature a barrage of hits from all genres of music, Club, Disco, R & B, Mainstream & Rock, Classic Rock and even Swing. Unlike traditional medleys, Essential Megamixes feature the original tracks by the original artists, bridged together with smooth intro's and outro's. Throughout these non-stop mixes we have constructed breaks which are easy to get in or out of. Create your own mixes or play our mix straight through, watch your dancefloor explode, and take a break of your own. Released twice a year Essential Megamixes are available on both CD and Vinyl formats.

The Club Classics Series delivers the best of the old school with a twist. Every cut is remixed and pressed with easy to spin beat breaks. No more mixing classic records with BPM's that are all over the road. Go back in time with X-Mix Club Classics and you'll have even more ammunition to rock your party. Available on both CD and Vinyl formats.

The Abducted Series incorporates remixes of the industries best cutting edge underground. Deep House, Hi NRG and Import tracks are featured on this series that is getting 'rave' reviews. The Abducted Series is available on both CD or Vinyl formats.

The Project 'X' Series is released every January. In it X-Mix compiles the biggest and best Dance Tracks from the previous year. Available on Cd or Vinyl, these issues contain the most sought after songs from our Dance Series as well as previously unreleased remixes.

The Latin X-Press Series brings the same benefits that you have come to love from our Dance series and applies it to Latin House. The biggest hits in Latin music are remixed with crowd pleasing beats, breaks and samples. Available on CD or Vinyl.

The Dancehall Devastation Series is completely unique. X-Mix takes the same slamming process you are used to on The Essential Megamixes and applies it to Dancehall Reggae. If you spin Urban at all, this series is a must. The Ten to Fifteen minute megamix's feature Phat Intro's, Outro's and the smoothest Breaks throughout. You won't find anything like this anywhere. Available on CD or Vinyl.

Tracks of the Trade has the industries top producers giving you one album side of their hottest beats and breaks. Each side will feature four different loops, each about three minutes in length. These are the cleanest loops available making this an absolute neccessity. Volume 1 is all Hip Hop and features: Armand Van Helden, Lenny B., Roonie G., and Donnie Bennett. Volume 2 is all House and features Armand Van Helden, Soul Solution, DJ Stew, and Lennie B. Available on CD or Vinyl.

Short Cutz ! is another original concept brought to you by the DJ's at X-Mix. We have Twenty Eight of the hottest Hip Hop and R&B tracks and remixed each one separately. All have 32 Beat Intro's and have been edit-ed down to just under two minutes. This will allow you to mix what you want, when you want. Create your own Megamix with Short Cutz. Available on 2 Vinyl or 2 Identical CD's.

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